Top 5 Florida Gator Quarterbacks of All-Time

The Florida Gators are one of the most highest ranked football teams in the NCAA, representing the University of Florida with some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. With high passing numbers and plenty of Heisman Trophies it is easy to understand why so many fans love this team, especially considering the amount of SEC championships they racked up.

The thanks for this teams all around greatness goes to their very committed coach, Steve Spurrier, also a former Gator champion, brought this team to the standard they are held at today. Although there have been many very talented players in on the team, we must choose the top five best quarterbacks of all time. Why you ask? Why not?

Tim Tebow

Lets start with the all time, hardcore, very loved quarterback Tim Tebow, who played on the Gators team from 2006 until 2009. Tebow won his first Heisman in 2007, becoming the first sophomore to ever win one. He did this for 3 years in a row until he left for the big time.

He made records that beat other high ranked and well known players made in the past, including Herschel Walker’s record for rushing touchdowns in the SEC record book. During his time at the University, Tebow helped bring his team to win2 SEC championships in 2006 and 2008 as well as 2 BCS Nationals in the same two years.

By the time he graduated college, Tim Tebow had a massive football record with 9,286 passing yards, 88 passing touchdowns, 2947 rushed yards, and 57 touchdowns leaving him with a total of 145 touchdowns and 12,000 offensive yards. Those are some stats to brag about alright.

Steve Spurrier

Another famous and very talented quarterback of all time on the Gators was Steve Spurrier, who played on the team between 1963 and 1966. He was know as college footballs “comeback kid” because he lead the Gators to a victory in what is called the “come-from-behind” fashion.

He won his first Heisman trophy in 1966, the same year he received the Walter Camp Memorial Trophy, this after ranking of 4848 yard and 37 touchdowns with 392 passes for those yards.

Then he became coach of the team and coached some of the best players of todays time like Danny Wuerffel.

Danny Wuerffel

Wuerffel was a Gator quarterback from 1993-1996, following in every one of Spurriers steps. Danny won his first Heisman trophy in 1996 after setting a record of 10,875 yards and 114 touchdown passes.

Wuerffel received the special honor of being named the First Team All American in 1995 and then the Academic All American in 1996. Later, his records would be broken by none other than Chris Leak.

Chris Leak

Leak played on the team from 2003 to 2006 as the number two quarterback of the class of ’03. His record of 11,213 yards made him the all time leader passer while he attended the school for his fours years.

Leak has made the all time highest rank in career completions with 895 of them. In his last year as a quarterback, he lead the team to a couple of victories by winning an SEC championship as well as a BCS championship, in which gave him the MVP title for that championship game.

John Reaves

Number five happens to be the greatest of them all considering his legacy and time on the team. John Reaves, a quarterback for the Gators in 1969, is one for the record books. Reaves had a record of 7549 passing yards and 54 passing touchdowns but only won one award which was the Baugh Trophy, received in 1971.

Reaves is known for a particular game in his college career in which he played the Miami Hurricanes in ’71. The game was 45-8 and after the Hurricanes made a score, Reaves completed a 15 yard pass yo his receiver, Carlos Alvarez, which broke Jim Plunkers record by 1 single yard. Later, after graduation, John Reaves was drafted onto the Philadelphia Eagles in 1972 but continuously swapped teams until he retired in 1987.